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[[Data Access Layer]] (DAL)
[[Data Access Layer]] (DAL)
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The AbleCommerce 7.0 database was completely rebuilt from the last major releases of version 5.5. If you worked with the prior version, many tables will be familar and changed only in minor ways, such as names or field sizes.

7.0.7 Database Schema (chm)

If you download the above file on Windows Vista or higher, you may need to unblock the file before you can browse the contents. Right click on the downloaded file, choose properties, then click the button to unblock.

Importing Data

Many people want to import data directly to support custom integrations with other platforms. Some common tables may have special requirements when inserting data in them.

Full Text Searching

Full text search is fully supported in AbleCommerce versions 7.0.5 forward for your product catalog. This feature is only supported for SQL Server 2005 and above, and your database server must have the FTS service installed and available. If you are using SQL Server Express versions, this feature is available when you install SQL Server Express with Advanced Services.

When using FTS, be aware that certain words are ignored in searches. These are known as "stop words". The stop words list can be customized if the default list is not appropriate for your situation.

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