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If you have some webpages or have some dedicated category containing only the webpages and wants to make them visible to customers exploring that category. Then you have to change the display page for that category. In order to do this you have to do the following tasks

1)- Login as admin to the store.

2)- Navigate to store side.

3)- Locate and open the category containing the webpages.

4)- Select Edit: categoryname

5)- Select Display Page: value from one of the below
    * Category Details Page 
    * Category Grid (Deep Item Display)
    * Category Grid (Shallow Item Display) (CategoryGrid2.aspx) 
    * Category Grid (Deep Item Display) With Add To Basket (CategoryGrid3.aspx)
    * Category Grid (Shallow Item Display) With Category Data (CategoryGrid4.aspx)
    * Category List

6) Click Update 

7)- Now you will see that webpages will be available within that category.

8) You can manage display pages from admin using Manage Display Pages button from store footer as well