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The Shipping Estimator appears automatically beneath the minibasket control when items exist in the shopping cart. If you would prefer the estimator not to appear, it's very simple to do.

First make a backup copy of the two minibasket user control files in the ~/ConLib/ folder. They will be minibasket.ascx and minibasket.ascx.cs.

Open the ~/ConLib/Minibasket.ascx file in your editor of choice. Look for this code towards the end of the file:

<div id="miniBasketShippingEstimateBox">
      <uc1:BasketShippingEstimate ID="BasketShippingEstimate1" runat="server" />

Now change the uc1:Basket... line to look like this:

  <uc1:BasketShippingEstimate ID="BasketShippingEstimate1" visible="false" runat="server" />

Save the file. Load your site and add something to your cart to verify the estimator no longer appears.

Note that the shipping estimator is also included in Basket Bar 1. But that's an easy one to fix - just remove the ConLib: line in the scriptlet.


Original text by Joe Payne of Solunar Services LLC