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If you originally install AbleCommerce using SQL Server 2000 and later upgrade your database platform to SQL Server 2005 or later, you may need to upgrade your database schema. This upgrade is to convert database structures that take advantage of newer features in SQL Server, such as the nvarchar(max) field. The changes are intended to make the database use more efficient storage mechanisms and have better performance overall.

Schema upgrade scripts are only available for AC7.0.3 and later. To see whether you require a schema upgrade, go to the Help -> About page in your merchant menu. In the version listing, the version of SQL Server and the version of the AC schema are listed:

MSSQL v2005

This would be an example of an installation that should proceed with the schema upgrade. Note that SQL Server is 2005, while the schema remains at 2000 level. To bring AC SCHEMA up to the 2005 level, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a folder named "Install" in the AbleCommerce installation location
  2. Place the files for the upgrade schema script
  3. Manually access the upgrade script (http://your_url/Install/UpgradeSchema.aspx)
  5. Confirm the backup and submit the request to upgrade the schema


This upgrade involves major alteration to the structures of your tables. Use SQL Management Studio to make a full backup of your database prior to executing the schema upgrade. If you do not make a backup, you will have no way to recover in the event of an unexpected problem. It is NOT an optional step.

Script Locations

Upgrade Script for AC703

Upgrade scripts are also included with the full distribution in the "Install" folder.

External References

Bug 7924: Database Schema Upgrade Script should recognize and adjust to SQL versions