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This is where we give guidance to people interested in contributing..


When an internal link is created to a page yet to be created it's shown in the Wanted Pages report. There is also a report for Short pages which might be in need of some attention. Been away? Want to catch up with the latest additions to the AbleCommerce WIKI? Checkout the New Pages report.

Page Layout

Since wikipedia has a widely recognized page layout, please use them as an example for formatting of pages.


If you're creating a new page please add it to a category. Add the following to the end of your new page.

e.g. The following would add a page to the category 'Store Customization'.

[[Category:Store Customization]]

Discussion Talk Pages

Talk pages are a key feature of the wiki, offering the ability to discuss articles and other issues with other Wikipedians.

Discussion Talk Pages explained at wikipedia

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