Prevent the Top Sellers from showing in Shopping Bar 1

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Where there are no items in the cart the mini-basket in the side bar hides itself and instead Top Sellers start displaying in its place. You can configure the control to display in place of mini-basket when there are no items in the basket. By default 'Top Sellers' control is displayed. You may wish to display a different control or no control at all when the basket is empty. There is a simple trick (or control property to be more precise) that you can use to achieve this.

In the Shopping Bar 1 sidebar where mini-basket control is getting used you can substitute the value for AlternateControl property to get your desired results. You can substitute a different control to display or, you can prevent MiniBasket from displaying either the default control or an alternate control. Just use this syntax in your Shopping Bar 1 scriptlet.

      [[ConLib:MiniBasket AlternateControl=""]]

The MiniBasket control will only display the alternate/additional control if the parameter has a value. Setting the parameter to blank prevents both from showing.