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What integration means

Integration is a way to connect the affiliate system to your current website, shopping cart or payment gateway in a way that affiliate system will be notified about purchases. When notified, affiliate system registers the sale, finds referring affiliate (if any) and creates appropriate commission for him.

How to integrate

The general method of integration is putting an invisible JavaScript code or image anywhere in the "thank you for order" or order confirmation page that is displayed to the customer after the payment is processed. For this topic we will make use of image method for integration.

In order to accomplish this integration we need to output an Image with following format on our receipt page.

<img src=\"{YOUR WEBSITE URL }/affiliate/scripts/sale.php?TotalCost={TOTAL COST}&OrderID={ORDER ID}\" width=\"1\" height=\"1\" >


  • {YOUR WEBSITE URL }: We need to place our website root URL here
  • {TOTAL COST}: We need to place order total here
  • {ORDER ID}: We need to place order id or current order here

The final outcome of this integration will be a new conlib control having code to dynamically generating desired image code for based on currently placed order. Complete working code for this custom conlib control is available for downlaod in this forums thread.

Simply put this control in your ConLib\Custom Folder. Then from merchant side go to Administration > Website > Content and Layout . Locate RecieptPage and edit it. Then use that control in content section something like