NVelocity variables available in scriptlets

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WARNING Use NVelocity to only control the layout. Don't use it as a programming alternative otherwise it will slow down your pages. If you want to customize some logic then its better to modify the ConLib controls or create new controls to meet your requirements.

The following nVelocity variables are available in scriptlets. Some variables are available only in a particular context.

Variable Type Comments
$store or $Store CommerceBuilder.Stores.Store Reference to the current store. Available for all pages
$customer or $User CommerceBuilder.Users.User Reference to the current user. Available for all pages
$page System.Web.UI.Page The ASP.NET page object. Available for all pages
$Category CommerceBuilder.Catalog.Category Category object is available on category, product, webpage and link display pages and wherever a CategoryId parameter is available in URL.
$Product CommerceBuilder.Products.Product Product object is available on product display pages and wherever a ProductId is available in URL.
$Webpage CommerceBuilder.Catalog.Webpage Webpage object is available on webpage display pages and wherever a WebpageId is available in URL.
$Link CommerceBuilder.Catalog.Link Link object is available on link display pages and wherever a LinkId is available in URL.

In the scriptlet code you can access almost anything using the above objects. For example if you want to get the Orders for current user then $User.Orders will provide you that information etc. However it is strongly discouraged to use nVelocity scriptlets for anything other than controlling the display layout.

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