Extending the Store Search for Sku

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The search option which appears in the top border of the customer side allows for a search by name keyword. You can enhance this search to support Sku as well.

I know you can search by name, description or sku in the advanced search, but that's an extra click for the customer to go to this

Edit the ConLib/SearchPage.ascx.cs and locate the following line of code

ProductList.DataSource = ProductDataSource.NarrowSearch(_Keywords, this.CategoryId, _ManufacturerId, 0, 0, _PageSize, (_HiddenPageIndex * _PageSize), SortResults.SelectedValue);

and replace it with the following lines of code

int startIndex = (_HiddenPageIndex * _PageSize);
        if(startIndex == (-1*_PageSize))
            startIndex = 0;
        ProductList.DataSource = ProductDataSource.AdvancedSearch(_Keywords, this.CategoryId, _ManufacturerId, true, true, true, 0, 0, _PageSize, startIndex, SortResults.SelectedValue);