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Some times you may need to add some content/information pages and you wanted them to show up in the left navigation, but couldn't do that unless you put them under a category. The Browse--> Catalog only lets you add categories at that level.


Copy the webpage.aspx and rename it categorycontent.aspx. Keep it in the same location as the webpage.aspx. Replace the corresponding sections from webpage.aspx in the categorycontent.aspx:

        <Name>Category Content</Name>
        <Description>A basic display handler for category content so that the links show up in the 
        left nav.  It shows the category content with standard headers and footers.</Description>

        <asp:Content ID="MainContent" ContentPlaceHolderID="PageContent" Runat="Server">
        <cb:ScriptletPart ID="CategoryContent" runat="server" Layout="Left Sidebar" Header="Standard 
        Header" Content="Category Content" Sidebar="Standard Sidebar 1" Footer="Standard Footer" 
        Title="View Webpage" AllowClose="False" AllowMinimize="false" />

Create a new scriplet and save it in the App_Data/Scriplets/Custom/Content folder. The name of that scriplet is Category Content.htm. That scriplet has this code:

        Displays the contents of a category content catalog object.
        [[ConLib:CategoryBreadCrumbs HideLastNode="False"]]
        <div class="pageHeader">
        <h1 class="heading">

If you want to make a content page so that it will show up at the top level of the left navigation, Create a category and select the above for the display page in the category edit screen and add your content to the description field.


Originally posted in forums by Judy http://forums.ablecommerce.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=6730