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Just to share with those of you that may find themselves in the same place I am:

That being having a current live site, and planning to replace it with an Able Commerce site, with Zero Down time being very very important.

Additionally, setting up a Dev site to New LiveSite file Sync. If your as paranoid as I you like to test all changes first on your dev site prior to making them LIVE.


1. ... ation_.htm 2. RoboCopy 3. Some Paranoia: IE Use at your Own Risk, Neither Able Commerce or I are responsible for your data in any way by using this information or techniques.

NOTE: Your Custom CSS and selected Theme will not be seen until you restore your database.


1. Follow ... ation_.htm A: when Entering in your New database information on the same screen as the License information, remember that this will be your live database, and in my case with Paranoia I choose to have different users on the dev Database and the Live Database. This will also apply to the Step: ** Move the Database from the ORIGINAL to TARGET installation

2. When you get to the Move Files from the ORIGINAL to TARGET installation, If you do this manually be sure to not Overwrite, this is where Robo Copy Comes in handy.

A SET UP Robo Copy to do the work for you. This will also come in handy when testing new things on your Dev site after going live. IE Dev site to New LiveSite file Sync.

Create a SYNCDEVtoLIVE.bat file Place in same directory as RoboCopy

Contents of SYNCDEVtoLIVE.bat

REM Paranoia Step: Backup Live Site to backup Folder first

robocopy D:\Webs\LIVESITCOM D:\Backup\LIVESITCOM /ZB /E /SEC

Rem Copy files From Dev Site to Live Site Excludeing the Config and Licenses

robocopy D:\Webs\DEVSITE D:\Webs\LIVESITCOM /ZB /E /SEC /XF D:\Webs\DEVSITE\web.config /XF D:\Webs\DEVSITE\app_data\commercebuilder.lic /XF D:\Webs\DEVSITE\app_data\database.config /XF D:\Webs\DEVSITE\app_data\encryption.config /XF D:\Webs\DEVSITE\app_data\ablecommerce.config

This Should Work as well with mapped drives on another server.

What the Switches mean : /ZB : use restartable mode; if access denied use Backup mode. /E : copy subdirectories, including Empty ones. /SEC: copy files with SECurity

    • Important ** /XF file [file]... :: eXclude Files matching given names/paths/wildcards.

Continue on following how_do_i_move_an_existing_installation_.htm

** Move the Database from the ORIGINAL to TARGET installation.

This step was done on SQL 2005 Server. 1 Create a Back up of DEV site Database 2. Take Live site Database Offline. 3. Restore Dev Site Backup Database file to Live Site Database A: Be sure to rename the restore as Files to The Live site Database File Names, or you could end up overwriting your Dev Site database. 4. Give the Live site database User Access to the New Live Site database.

That should be IT. Worked the first time out for me, after pre testing the robocopy bat scripts to a test directory.