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The Database

AC Gold database design is probably one of the best among the available shopping cart solutions. If you know a bit of databases, AC Gold database design is very easy to understand and follow. There are a few areas (e.g. Category and Catalog tables) that are slightly complex but in general you can just look at the database tables/fields and get a fair idea of what they are meant for.

Accessing Database

Ablecommerce Gold makes use of NHibernate for data access. For the most part we just have to deal with the 'Objects' in C#. The code that we have written complies with ASP.NET Data Source Object Model. This helps a great deal in using these objects directly in ASP.NET. Here I will take the example of Affiliates and explain how they are represented/accessed in the database, in the C# code and in the ASP.NET code.

Affiliates in Database

Here is how Affiliates are defined in database