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Installing DataPort

Download the latest version of DataPort. You can find the latest version at [TODO: Data_port_download_url]. After downloading unzip/extract the files. There will be two files:

  • The DataPort Installer (DataPort.msi)
  • The ClientApi dll file (CommerceBuilder.DataClient.Api.dll)

Run the installer to get DataPort installed on your system. The ClientApi DLL file should be deployed to /Bin folder of your AC7 store website. You can replace the existing file if it exists.

Connecting DataPort to AC7 Store(s)

To connect the DataPort to your store Run the DataPort and a “Store Administrator Login” dialog screen will be displayed. Click the “New Store” button to create a new connection setting. Now fill in the information as follows:

  • In the store name field enter any user friendly name for your store.
  • In the ”Service URL” field type the ClientAPI service url running on your website. The service Url may be something like:
  • Enter the user name and password for your store admin.

Click the “Connect” button to connect the DataPort to your store. A progress bar will be shown and after a successfully connection to store the login dialog will disappear. Now you can perform the various tasks related to data import and export.

If you feel any problems while connecting to store, please visit the forums for frequently asked questions and their answers. But before doing this first verify that your provided information in the login dialog is correct.

In case of multiple stores you can define settings for each store and this way you can switch stores easily.

Downloading (Exporting) Data With DataPort

You can download (export) data from your store in CSV and XML formats. You can even download your complete store data in xml format

Uploading (Importing) Data With DataPort

DataPort Advanced Configuration