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The AbleCommerce Dataport utility is a very powerful tool used to move or upload large amounts of data into an AbleCommerce 7 store. AbleCommerce provides this utility for free to our customers, as such, support will be provided on a limited bases through the forums only.


RELEASE NOTE: UTF8 encoding in Excel 2002 and older does not work properly. Use Excel 2003 or newer.

DataPort User Manual

Here you can find a user manual for DataPort utility: Data Port Utility

DataPort offers to import/export product variants CSV data. Here you can find the details: DataPort Import Product Variants CSV

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check these FAQ's Data Port Utility FAQ

DataPort Discussion Forums

Before reporting a bug, search in the forums to see if your issue has already been answered. If not, open a new topic in the 7.0 Data Client forum.

DataPort Discussion Forums

    • Bugs must be reproducible by our developers.
    • Bugs are fixed in the current version only. We cannot make any guarantees when an issue will be corrected.