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The CommerceBuilder API is a set of .NET classes that are used to build the ecommerce store front. They facilitate access to the database, enforcement of business rules and calculations, and order processing.

A compiled compiled help file is available that gives detailed information on the classes and methods available. If you have the Vista operating system, be aware that there is a security feature that may prevent you from opening this file. After downloading, you should go to the file properties and unblock it.


Data Access Layer (DAL)

Custom Queries (Adding custom SQL to AbleCommerce .aspx pages)

Integrating A Payment Gateway (Payment Provider API)

Integrating A Shipping Carrier (Shipping Provider API)

Integrating A Tax Provider (Tax Provider API)

Creating Digital Delivery Licensing Module (Serial Key Provider API)

Creating A Custom Feed Provider (Feed Provider API)

URL Rewrite Provider API