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Adding a favicon to any website is pretty simple. You just have to make sure that your favorite icon is present in your website home and that it is named favicon.ico.

Older versions of IE only display favicons in your bookmarks, which they call "Favorites". In fact, the name favicon was coined to mean "Favorites icon". As time goes on, other browsers have begun making more widespread use of favicons: in the address bar, on tabs and so on. But IE only displays them after you create a bookmark. Also IE6 will display the favicon in the address bar, but only after it's been bookmarked.

Creating a favicon

You have a number of options for creating a favicon.

  • Create an image 16X16 pixels in size. Its better to restrict yourself to the standard Windows 16 colors, although 256 colors may also work fine. Save the image as an ICO file named "favicon.ico".
  • Use an existing image and get it converted to a favicon using some tool. You can find one such online tool here